Paving Deerfield Creek

Paving Deerfield Creek in 2015 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This is one of our trucks.

Red Clay truck dumping asphalt into paver at Deerfield Creek.

Red Clay employees getting started paving at Southern Trace in March of 2015.

Wheel loader cleaning up snow in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Red Clay convoy removing snow on I-485  in winter of 2014.

Careful snow removal around live traffic during winter of 2014 on I-485.

Red Clay added state of the art Weiler paver to its fleet in 2015.

Red Clay reconstructs asphalt track at Providence High School, North Carolina.

Preparing for big snow storm of 2014 at Red Clay shop in Pineville, North Carolina.

We are paving city of Charlotte streets in summer of 2012.

Pouring concrete island on bridge over I-77 on South Tryon Street, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Paving streets at Lawson Subdivision at Union County, North Carolina.

Performing lime stabilization.

Proper lime stabilization is important part of our methodology.

Paving Sunset Road ramp.