Depending on the condition of your asphalt, we may send a crew to perform patching or infrared repair. If there are cracks in the asphalt, the maintenance crew will use a pavement router to grind any loose material or debris from the cracks. The cracks are then cleaned with a heat-lance, which uses forced super-heated air to drive any moisture and debris from the cracks and warm them to ensure a proper bond with the hot crack sealant.

Hot rubberized crack sealant is poured into the cracks via a wand or pour pot. The crack sealant is cured within 15 minutes and ready for sealcoating. Prior to sealcoating, the crews will clean the pavement with wire brushes and forced air. They will trim vegetation from the edges if necessary. Finally, a modified asphalt emulsion sealer is sprayed onto the pavement and the area is taped off for 24 hours. If the pavement requires a re-stripe, the striping crew will usually stripe the lot within 24 hours and open the lot to traffic before they leave.